W.A Oil Factory

Driven By Values,

Delivering On A Vision.

WA believes in investing in diversified high risk high return business opportunities that create more socia-economic benefits to the country and pays off attractive dividends in long term to its shareholders. Some of the investments are

oil factory

Sela goja Oil Factory

Founded by two Ethiopian Diaspora members in Germany in 2017, Sela Goja Oil Filtration Factory was established with the vision to provide Ethiopia with healthy and nutritious 10,000 liters of edible oil per day. Workeu Aytenew bought 50% share on it to ensure the business run with liquid working capital.


worku farms plc

In search of investment opportunity in agricultural sector, which 80% of Ethiopian depends on for survival, Worku Farms look for arable land in Amhara and Benshangul zone, the business took and cultivated 2,000 hectares in May,2019. The regional governments were excited to award additional 20,000 hectare when requested as our business was successful.

We are now growing soya bean which will be input to WA Oil Factory. Also, we have harvested rice for local market supply.


Worku Import, Export & Trading PLC

Worku Import annual transacted close to ETB 1 billion (USD 35 million) over a course of 5 years. It was established in 2015 and was a major player in palm imports and distribution to regulate the local price.


Worku real-estate

Worku real estate was established in 2016 and invested close to ETB 3.5 billion across residential and commercial buildings in Addis Ababa and Amhara region. The company owns and operates close to 35commercial buildings and apartments. Its real estate spread across the capital city Addis Ababa and Amhara region. It owns buildings in prime real estate locations. Some of the sites are Bole, Ledeta, Gerji, and Wollosefer in Addis Ababa and Debremarkos and Debrework in Amhara region.


Enarji Mining Company

Enarji Mining Company is a mining, excavation and production project that was established with a capital of 7 billion in 2020. The main business of the company is in the production of construction materials such as: Cement production, Granite and Marble production, Coal and gold mining, precious stones and others related materials. The project is mainly located in Amhara Regional State with project financing of 30% of owners’ equity and 70% debt.


Worku Petroleum Plc (WP)

Worku Petroleum Plc (WP) is an indigenous petroleum company. It is established not only to distribute fuel and other petroleum products to the public but also to deliver its social responsibility as corporate citizen. WP has two fuel Depots & two fuel stations that are located at Dejen Town, East Gojjam Zone in the Amhara Regional state, 270 KM North West from Addis Ababa. The Facility at Dejen Depot consists of Fuel storage vertical Tanks & underground tanks, Bitumen and Lubricant storage facilities. The total fuel storage capacity at Dejen is more than 1,000,000L. We have also another fuel station under construction in the town of Bichena, East Gojjam Zone that is equipped with 5 units of underground tanks with a total fuel storage capacity of 250,000L. It is currently investing in building additional station in Bahir Dar, and Debrework and expanding by acquiring gas station and expanding its presence across the industry.


Worku transport

Woreku Transport was established in 2018 with the objective of transporting dry and liquid cargo in-country and the route between Port of Djibouti and dry ports and stations across Ethiopia. It operates in 5 dry and 5 liquid transporting trucks. It invests in 100 trucks out of which 35 liquid trucks and 65 dry trucks. It also operates earth moving machineries that contribute in the construction of WA Oil factory projects.


goldstar aviation

GOLDSTAR Aviation was set up with an investment capital of USD 40 million in 2019. It acquires two helicopters with a vision to add more to lease to business people.

water bottling

Wehaha Water Bottling

WA invests in Wehaha bottling PLC which was established in 2019 in Amhara Regional Capital Bahir Dar a City rich in beauty, history, and naturally refreshing water. We created job opportunities for over 100 employees and mainly market in Amhara region to the place we call home. The plant lays in a 25,000 square meter. With initial investment capital of 250 million birr, the company started with a state-of- the-art technology with highly knowledgeable team to produce with a bottling line capacity of 20,000 bottles per hour.